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About United Computer

United Computer Technologies is an Information Technology Managed Services Provider focused on managing the complex network infrastructure environment freeing you to focus on running your business. Technology practices developed over twenty-years provide the tools and experience in creating innovative, secure business solutions. Combined with proactive monitoring, systems patch management and training, we maintain stable, secure networks for our clients.

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Technology Spending

So often business owners are paying for services they don't realize, no longer use or are no longer the best option. Through our technology spending review we examine your current information technology solutions searching for redundant, outdated or more cost effective solutions.

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"Greg's breadth of knowledge and ability to solve problems is astounding."

"They are an essential part of our expansion. We had no worries moving forward with a business merger with United Computer advising on our technology needs."

Douglas Nutley, Vice President Solar Management

Storing Your Security

Having a centralized database to store your passwords is a great idea, if you keep it more than just one place.

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Technology Spending: Case Study

A wealth management services company having never performed a spending review, was surprised to find a series of information technology services savings.

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Properly Clearing Data

Improperly erasing data on systems can lead to data recovery and the exposure of sensitive data.

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Testing Backups

An important lesson learned in the cloud. Backing up data to the cloud on the same service as your live data resides is simply asking for trouble.

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